Price AU $17,500 1/4 share

AU $17,500 1/4 share
Buying a boat with Yachting Directions
Turn up and enjoy your boat. It's that simple.
Boat maintenance, storage, management and training are all part of the package when you buy a boat with us. We take care and support you, to make boat ownership enjoyable and stress-free.

Buying a share in a Boat
When you buy a boat with Yachting Directions, you buy a quarter share. This means that you share the cost of boat ownership with a few others, but you likely enjoy your boat just as often as if you were the full owner. Boats owned exclusively by one owner often sit on the water for prolonged periods and depreciate from lack of use. They don't get cleaned or maintained. Birdpoo, sunlight, rainwater and dew degrades boats. Why let that happen to your premium investment? Explore shared boat ownership options with us.

Boat Storage and Boat Maintenance.

With shared boat ownership you share the costs of the storage and maintenance, making boat ownership less expensive and more enjoyable. You also get the option of a concierge service if you would like the full luxury experience.

Why we prefer dry storage for your boat.
Sun fades your gelcoat, your rubber pontoons, ropes age, and rain and dew can deteriorate most parts of your boat. We take your boat out of the water and store it safely undercover to keep it in premium condition.

Full concierge service
The full concierge experience is also available to you if you would like to engage our team to deliver the boat to you. You tell us where you want to use it within the Gold Coast region. Sound like a luxury? It is. We can take care of every part of the process so you can simply enjoy your time on the water. Talk to us about including this as an additional service.

Your training and boat license.
When you buy a share in a boat with us you receive free training included in your package. Your training is RYA Powerboat Level 2. You then sit for your Queensland boat license, often in the space of one day.

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=qfwdSUhHFgM
Gold Coast City Marina
Leisure, In-shore Fishing
2022 approximate
17' 9" - 5.41m
Hull Material
Fibreglass/GRP RIB (Hyperlon)

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